About our company

PIC Metall - successful and constantly growing company with a strong position in the Russian market of black metal and light metal structures. Proper storage facilities and modern production allow you to perform a full range of manufacturing, processing, recovery, storage and sale of metal.

Main activities: 

  • wholesale and retail of a wide range of black metal;
  • metalworking;
  • metal fabrication.

Sale of metal

Stocks not only the way of products, but also a special (eg , tool steels), allows you to quickly give the customer the desired position. Special pride in our company is a large assortment of high-quality steels ( including special grades ), which enables us to supply industrial enterprises.

We supply any volume from a few meters to a wagon standards. Direct contracts with major manufacturers of steel products, allow us to create democratic pricing, even with the implementation of small batches for our customers.


We offer services for metal cutting, fabrication pieces size. Constantly updated park technological equipment allows us to solve more complex production problems.

Metal Fabrication

PIK Metal offers delivery of high-quality steel structures with own warehouse, without intermediaries. With us you will always find a wide range of: metal prefabricated buildings, metal girders, columns, communication overlap rack crossbars Half-timbered houses, beams and cover a variety of type series of metal structures for industrial buildings and much more. Quality control of welded joints and compliance geometric design parameters is performed at each production stage. Technical possibilities PIK Metal not only manufacture products, but also efficiently deliver services to its mounting (dismantling structures). Qualification of our staff and the level of technical equipment is the key to success in the performance of the project customer.