Steel structures

PIK Metal specializes in the manufacture of flat, spatial and tubular metal structures of any complexity and metal .

Own production allows to produce any volume of work as soon as possible. Production capacity can produce up to 2,500 tons of products per month, which ensures that orders of any size.

Our experience for over 10 years, allows us to offer you a list of services that includes: 

  • design
  • production
  • installation

Design of steel

Quality and professional design is the key to successful production of metal. We equally use as their own drawings and development of our company using its own metalwork and drawings of customers. For you to have an idea of ​​our capabilities, we will acquaint you with a list of objects, the design of which our company provides: 

  • industrial buildings of varying complexity
  • commercial
  • shopping and sports complexes
  • warehouses
  • under construction and car garages
  • modular one-and two-story buildings
  • block containers and dwelling
  • scaffolding, etc.

Without limiting our work exclusively by these facilities , we are ready to make the metalwork of any complexity.

High qualification, multiplied by the experience, allows us to implement any planned project. Order in one organization, carrying out all stages of the work from design to installation, allows customers to be confident in the quality performance of the project.

Manufacture of metal

Companies specializing PIC Metal is manufacturing hangars and industrial buildings construction. Our experts will accompany the project at every stage, from design to manufacture and installation of steel structures.

Before performing the installation is carried out by our experts dismantling previously installed steel structures. With modern technical equipment, we guarantee the prefabrication of steel structures and their timely installation.

Availability of special equipment, gives us the opportunity to carry out works of buildings and structures, as well as its own fleet of construction equipment, ensuring timely delivery of metal to the construction site, make our offer more vygodnym.rantiruem quality installation designed and manufactured by us metalwork.

Manufacture of hangars and other metal structures is carried out on its own production facilities of the company that makes us different from other proposals. Fabrication and installation work made ​​exclusively by our specialists.

Installation of steel. Our advantages 

  • experience of almost 10 years
  • perform project activities using their own drawings and developments and sketches provided by the Customer
  • own factory - manufacturer of metal
  • manufacture of metal structures of complex forms of non-standard
  • Availability of special vehicles , delivering a metal object
  • dismantling of obsolete models
  • works by our experts.

But even that's not all!

The main advantage of our company is that all stages of the work we carry out on their own. We do not attract specialists, as his team possess highly masters, which ultimately reduces the financial cost of the work and ensure its quality.

Without dwelling on the Moscow region , we expanded our facilities throughout Russia. Hangars, industrial buildings and other facilities have been handed over by our company, located in Volgograd, Bashkiria, Sochi, Krasnodar.


As a company providing services in the design, fabrication and erection of steel structures is always ready to guarantee the quality of all manufactured structures.