Production company is equipped with high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers, which allows you to perform complex metal processing services that meet the needs of the market and the corresponding customer's request.

Metal processing on high-tech equipment allows you to get metal products ( designs) the exact shape and size, to achieve the production of waste.

With equipment for metal processing employs highly qualified specialists, which in turn allows you to carry out orders for metalworking deadlines.

PIK Metal performs the following services in metal processing: 

  • cutting pieces of rolled sections;
  • electric welding on automatic or semiautomatic machines;
  • gas cutting;
  • straight cutting sheets;
  • drilling;
  • sandblast metal;
  • primer large metal products;
  • metal cutting shears on the leaf;
  • straightening sheet metal;
  • powder coating of metal;
  • metal bending radius up to 200mm;
  • temodiffuzionnoe galvanizing.

The basic principle of Companies PIK Metal - accuracy and timeliness.

Work carried out on request for technical specifications - in accordance with the specified parameters and drawings. This condition reduces the matching order and ensures the accuracy of its implementation.

PIK Metal offers and provides the following:

  • operational performance of the service;
  • quality of metal products of the Customer;
  • competitive prices for service;
  • tech metal processing on modern equipment;
  • wide production program with a variety of metal processing services.